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Part 4, pp. 233-297Part 4, pp. 233-297

POLITICS PREVIOUS TO 1880. KAUKALIN was an election precinct of Brown county in 1846. The other precincts of that county were Green Bay, Howard (which may have included a part of the present Outagamie county), DePere, Menominee, Pensaukee and Bay Settlement. The vote for candidates in Kaukalin was as follows: Two delegates to State Convention: […]

Part 1, pp. 17-51Part 1, pp. 17-51

GEOLOGY, DRAINAGE, ETC. GEOLOGICALLY considered, the foundation of Outagamie county consists of what was formerly called “fundamental gneiss,” which embraced granites, gneisses, syenites and hornblendic, micaceous, chloritic and allied crystalline rocks which were once sediments derived from the wear of earlier rocks. Concerning those earlier rocks little or nothing is yet known. It is believed […]